Eat Safely. Live Joyfully.

Joy of Eating Nutrition is your personalized food coach specializing in functional nutrition and food allergy management.

Whether you are looking for a reset on your wellness journey, managing a medical condition thru the power of food or are learning to live with a food allergic disease, we are here to guide you. Our precision nutrition approach is bio-individual addressing your unique concerns with practical tools and recommendations. Plans extend beyond food incorporating exercise and mindfulness tips, fulfilling the mind body gut connection.



We help you UNDERSTAND what your child can eat: where, when and how



We teach you how to MANAGE a safe food household



We provide you with tools to help your child THRIVE outside the home

Together we can go from living with food allergies/intolerances to Thriving!

Jennifer Joy Johnson, CHC, Certified Food Allergy Coach

joy of eating food allergy consulting Jennifer Joy Johnson Glenview Illinois

As a mother of children with severe food allergies and a health coach, I understand the confusion and fear that comes with managing food allergies.  I also know it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I am committed to my children living safely and happily in and out of the home. I will not allow their food restrictions to interfere with their innocence, health, and enjoyment of being a kid.

I want this for my children and I want the same for yours. 

Through my expertise in consulting, my lifelong passion for health and my personal experience with food allergies, I can help you and your family bring back the Joy of Eating!  

Interested in getting support for your food allergy challenges?  Our initial conversation is complimentary so call today!

“The principles underlying ‘Joy of Eating Allergy and Consulting’ are authentic. She proactively and seamlessly addresses an unmet critical need that many families stumble through only to later realize that there was a better way. From her personal experience, Jennifer, knows the complexity of this journey.”

Timothy Sentongo, MD

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