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Jennifer Joy Johnson, CHC, Certified Food Allergy Coach

I believe Virgil said it best, “The Greatest Wealth is Health.”

Health has always been a great passion of mine. Whether it is teaching fitness classes, counseling friends and family, or caring for my own family’s health, I believe a healthy mind and body are essential to a happy life.

I started my professional life in Advertising nearly twenty years ago.  I worked for several large advertising firms serving Fortune 500 clients, where I developed my marketing and business acumen.  Advertising was exhilarating, challenging, and utterly exhausting.

After the birth of my first child, I transitioned to Creative Consulting which allowed me to continue working in marketing while balancing life as a mother with a child who was diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Despite the satisfying work, I longed to connect my professional life and my passion point, Health.

So I moved on from consulting and pivoted into the Health and Fitness world.  Hundreds of spin and barre classes later, my body began shouting at me to take a break.


At the same time, my son’s battle with EoE and severe food allergies took a dramatic turn for the worse and I was quickly reminded of how challenging…and overwhelming the path of managing food allergies can be. How I wished for help from someone who had actually lived it!

As a Certified Health Coach specializing in food allergic diseases, I have devoted myself to helping others navigate the confusion, fear, and loneliness that comes with managing food allergies. Through my expertise in consulting, my passion for health and my personal experience with food allergies, I can help you and your family bring back the Joy of Eating!

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